Area Plan

The purpose of the Area Plan is to capture the intent and direction of the PSA2 Area Agency on Aging and the services which are provided within the five counties we serve.

The Area Plan is the result of extensive planning which includes vast community assessments, surveys, and counsel from all interested parties. This four-year plan not only addresses the services provided under the Older American's and Older Californian's Acts, it also offers new goals and objectives which by far exceed the minimal requirements such as "Educate and Advocate", and other areas developed from the various needs assessments that are conducted.

The links provided below will direct you to a PDF file where you can feel free to read, copy or download any information provided. If you have any questions regarding the information contained within the Area Plan, please feel free to contact us at our office.


Area Plan 2016 - 2020

Section 1: Mission Statements

Section 2: Description of the Planning and Service Area

Section 3: Description of the Area Agency on Aging

Section 4: Planning Process

Section 5: Needs Assessment

Section 6: Targeting

Section 7: Public Hearings

Section 8: Identification of Priorities

Section 9: Area Plan Narrative Goals and Objectives

Section 10: Service Unit Plan Objectives

Section 11: Focal Points

Section 12: Disaster Preparedness

Section 13: Priority Services

Section 14: Notice of Intent to Provide Direct Services

Section 15: Request for Approval to Provide Direct Services

Section 16: Governing Board

Section 17: Advisory Council

Section 18: Legal Assistance

Section 19: Multipurpose Senior Center Acquisition or Construction Compliance Review N/A

Section 20: Family Caregiver Support Program

Section 21: Organizational Chart

Section 22: Assurances

The Area Plan may also be downloaded in its entirety here: Area Plan 2016-2020